IKIGAI-KAN: Feel a Life Worth Living

Ikigai has become one of Japan's most misunderstood words and culturally appropriated concepts. It’s not a term from Okinawa. It’s not the Japanese secret to longevity. It's not a Venn diagram showing you how to find your bliss or become a successful entrepreneur. And it’s not the pursuit of a single life purpose.

This evidence-based book clears up these misconceptions and offers an authentic perspective of ikigai in the context of Japanese culture by bringing together insights from Japan’s research pioneer Mieko Kamiya to current day experts and authors.

If the truth matters to you and you are fed up with Western interpretations and romanticised notions of ikigai and Japanese culture in general, then you will appreciate how this book provides an accurate cultural context so that you can apply traditional Japanese wisdom to achieve a life worth living.


What makes life worth living?

This ikigai-kan journal will help you explore and answer this question, walking you through the 8 ikigai needs.

The 8 Ikigai Needs
  • life satisfaction
  • change & growth
  • a bright future
  • resonance
  • freedom
  • self-actualisation
  • meaning & value
  • a sense of purpose
With insights from Japan's leading ikigai research pioneers this journal will uncover your ikigai for you to feel a life worth living.


The Japan Art of Introspection

The purpose of this journal is to encourage you to practice daily naikan. When going through the journal you have the opportunity to reflect on a significant other or on recent interactions and happenings in general.

The Three Naikan Questions

Naikan is practised by asking yourself three questions:

What have I received from ____?
What have I given to ____?
What troubles and difficulties have I caused ____?

Along with the three Naikan prompts are quotes from founder Yoshimoto Ishin and current day Naikan authors, experts and researchers to help you further understand the therapy. 

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