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Many of us are in a constant pursuit of happiness, thinking that one day when our future arrives, the happy future we envision for ourselves, our life will be fulfilled. This is known as “destination addiction”.

If we are not careful this will result in us living in a constant state of dissatisfaction, falsely comforted by a belief that one day in our future we will be completely satisfied and happy. The problem is this day will never come. 

Ikigai provides an alternative to "the pursuit of happiness" free of the delusions of what we hope to gain from social validation, economic status or wealth.

As your coach I can help you  define and achieve your goals, find a sense of purpose, and live a meaningful life. 

If you are stuck in life or struggling with a certain problem reach out to me.

Need Coaching?

You might need ikigai coaching if you are:

- Feeling unfulfilled
- Lacking clarity on what's important
- Considering a career change
- Struggling with achieving your goals
- Feeling stuck
- Worried about the future
- Seeking more life fulfilment
- Wanting to self-actuialise
- Or are unsure of what your problem is

What Do You Need Right Now?

‘A need is the lack of something experienced as essential to the purpose of life, it expresses itself as suffering, if the person is aware of the existence of a way to stop suffering, the need expresses itself as a desire.’ - Ronald Miller


The Eight Ikigai Needs

  • Life satisfaction  
  • Change & growth  
  • A bright future  
  • Resonance  
  • Freedom  
  • Meaning and value
  • Self-actualisation
  • A sense of purpose

Ikigai Coaching:

Ikigai coaching is all about identifying what matters to you and acting with intention and and a sense of purpose to live a mentally rich and fulfilling life.

My personalised ikigai coaching program can help you define your purpose and goals and then take action to live a life satisfaction, growth and meaning. We explore the 8 ikigai needs, see which ones you lack and how we can satisfy them for you to feel and enjoy a meaningful life both professionally and personally.

The Next Step:

Let's create a personal coaching plan to tackle the professional and personal challenges you are facing. My process works to uncover your unfulfilled needs and develop a plan to satisfy them. Working together we can get clarity on what is important to you and work towards crafting and actualising the life you want to experience and enjoy.

Reach out to me for a discovery call or to get the ball rolling.


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Rather than a sweet spot, ikigai is a rich spectrum of the things that makes life feel worth living. And according to the Japanese, finding your Ikigai is the most honourable and rewarding thing one can do. While western interpretations will have you believe that ikigai is the 'secret' to a long and happy life, to the Japanese ikigai is a call to action to have a fulfilling and meaningful life.  

It's not a grandiose motivational framework, but a life philosophy involving daily rituals, honouring your values, building intimate relationships, fulfilling your life roles, and living with a sense of purpose.

Nicholas Kemp Ikigai Tribe founder

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