Dr. Iza Kavedzija

Dr. Iza Kavedzija

Anthropologist and author of Making Meaningful Lives: Tales from an Aging Japan.

There's this sense that in every sphere of life, one can do things properly, one can water the flowers properly, one can put out the rubbish properly. As I'm sure anyone who's been to Japan will realize that there are 17 types of rubbish depending on which municipality you are in but sorting the rubbish is a complicated process, but doing it properly gives you a sense of getting things done well. There's something really interesting about how this then plays out that if you are doing something masterfully, really well, whether that be a complex activity, such as calligraphy, or whether it be something very mundane, you have to attend to what you're doing and in doing that, I think one has very little space to be concerned or think about worries about the future.



"Ikigai-kan consists of a challenging spirit with purpose and motivation toward everything one does and having the self-awareness of making a contribution to others."

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