Paul Akers

Paul Akers

Founder and president of Fastcap, speaker, host of the podcast American Innovator, and author.

Oh, I love to find people who are seemingly in a lowly position, and maybe no one is paying attention to them, then give them great respect. It just happened to us today, actually, I hope I can compose myself and not cry when I tell you the story. But we have a young man that works for us that just has a really tough life, drugs and all kinds of bad stuff, just got to jail and everything, and he can't drive. So he's walking down the street to go to lunch, and my wife sees him walking down the street. I said, “Go get him.” So she went and picked him up, took him to the store, got lunch and brought him back. You know, it's caring about the people that don't have the abundance that we have. That's what it is.



"Ikigai-kan consists of a challenging spirit with purpose and motivation toward everything one does and having the self-awareness of making a contribution to others."

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