The Ikigai Test Questionnaire

How much ikigai in your life?

One's ikigai level can accurately be measured with the ikigai-9 scale. The scale evaluates the individual's awareness of the way they derive purpose in life, the presence of active, positive attitudes and behaviors toward the future, and optimistic and positive emotions in their outlook on life

The ikigai-9 scale is a psychometric tool originally published and validated in 2012 by three psychology researchers at Tokyo’s Mejiro University: Tadanori Imai, Hisao Osada, and Yoshitsugu Nishimura.17  In 2019, it was translated and validated for a UK sample by Dr Dean Fido of the University of Derby and Dr Yasuhiro Kotera of the University of Nottingham.18

The ikigai-9 offers a means of measuring ikigai across three dimensions:

  • optimistic and positive emotions towards life
  • active and positive attitudes towards one's future
  • the acknowledgement of the meaning of one's existence

Note: Ikigai is not a career sweet spot where certain aspects of your work-life come together to reveal your life purpose as mistakenly depicted by the ikkgai Venn diagram, but more of a spectrum where you can find joy, purpose and meaning in several areas of your life.

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