Ikigai Workshops

Looking to improve engagement of your staff or team?

Foster connection, grow your culture and give back to your hard-working team with an ikigai workshop.

The ikigai workshop helps participants gain clarity on purpose, not only in their work-life but also in their personal life, and to improve their overall well-being and life satisfaction.

Delivered in an engaging and fun manner to help employees understand, retain and benefit from the teachings and concepts presented in the webinar.

The webinar covers:

  • ikigai in the context of Japanese culture
  • the 8 ikigai needs
  • Psychometric tools to measure one's level of ikigai

The webinar includes:

  • a workbook or worksheets
  • a recording (virutal)
  • a copy of the book IKIGAI-KAN for each participant

Beware of Pretenders

Ikigai is a greatly misunderstood concept outside of Japan. It’s not a word from Okinawa. It’s not a Japanese secret to longevity. It’s not an entrepreneurial Venn diagram framework. It is not the pursuit of a single life purpose.

The ikigai framework


Virtual Workshop
In-person Workshop
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Nick is an immensely knowledgeable and supportive instructor who created a learning environment in which participants felt comfortable asking questions, sharing insights from their own contexts, and discussing often quite profound personal experiences. As a result, we learned not only about ikigai itself, but also how it could manifest in and change the lives of a range of different people. 

This was a unique, enriching, and incredibly rewarding workshop, and I feel grateful to have been able to participate!

Dr Caitlin Kight 

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